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So here we have yet another high-end RK3399 TV box, and this time it’s the RKM MK39 hexa core TV box. We have seen developers launch boxes in the past on this chipset like the Yundoo Y8, H96 Max, CSA96, the R99 and the list goes on. Many of these boxes have have fallen short in the area of managing heat which resulted in users having to use passive cooling fans to maintain a safe operating temperature. In this review you will see how the MK39 manages to control this issue and deliver a stunning high performing TV box experience.


CPU – RK3399 Hexa Core
GPU – Mali T860
ROM – 32GB ext up to 32GB
WiFi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz

IO ports include:

1 HDMI 2.0
2 USB 2.0
1 USB 3.0
1 USB type C
1 Micro SD
1 Optical audio
1 3.5mm earphone jack
1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN
1 DC power input
1 External antenna

I was quite pleased with the benchmark scores I got from the MK39 see results below, they are all above what an average TV box would get.

Antutu – 101429 NEW, 71101 OLD
GeekBench – 1068 Single Core, 2496 Multi Core
Ice Storm Extreme – 10895
RAM Copy – 6426.44 MB/s
ROM Speed – 151.44 MB/s read, 85.51MB/s write
WiFi Speed – Max WiFi speed reception

Final Thoughts

I really like the RKM MK39 for its high performance and user experience. Online streaming is very good, 4K video playback is also very good. The user interface is smooth and responsive, you have a navigation bar and status bar and the box is rooted. To me, what left an impression on me was the 3D gaming performance of this box and how it handled gaming without overheating. On the flip side all I could think of, was that it comes with an infrared remote control and I couldn’t get the right permissions for my keymapping app to work. So for 2018 the RKM MK39 is one of the best TV boxes to by in my book.

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  1. Hi ! Thanks for the review. I have the same request which I posted recently (April 6th). Please, could you test the audio to verify if it will play DTS 7.1 / Dolby 7.1 audio formats from a Kodi stream. Gaia addon offers several sources with 8 ch, DTS, Dolby, etc.. It is a test which you could perform in your future android tv box as well. Thanks again !

  2. Thanks for the video. I heard that rockchip's were bound to overheat from your old videos (you mentioned that it was also the reason that any of the rockchip didn't make it to the top 10 TV boxes of 2017). How about this one? I'm in dilemma between going for this one and the Zidoo H6 pro. Please advice.

    Also, as JC_B, I'd also like you to test 5.1/7.1 sound play compatibilities. Thanks in advance. (y)


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