Hey everyone. In this video I want to share this email with everyone. I am really happy that this medical student in now making Android apps. Medical studies are tough and it consumes a lot of time. But instead of complaining, this student is giving inspiration to all of us and he is already at version 1 of this app. I am sure that in future is going to be a great programmer.

Android course:

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  1. I completed my first Android app in about 4 months. But its not very well created. And it's not good experience for users so I unpublished that app because user experience is everything. And now I am working on my new project.

  2. Honestly when my college project's start i think that i can design website by me but i did not good it looks good with just html and css but when i imolement some little amount of php it destroyed my entire design i dont what i made a mistake in it but surly i will make good website after some months 😄😄

  3. Greeting Hitesh Sir,
    Honestly, it is really a great motivational video. Now I too have confidence to become an Android Developer. But one question. What does that "First app version 1 means"? The Hello World or something else? And one more question. What about him who does not have a computer? Will the hard work and consistency work out?

  4. I have a very similar story. I went to college for teaching and taught middle school PE for 6 years. Last year I decided to learn Android Development. Now I work full-time as a Android Developer. If you want to become a programmer just do it!

  5. After a long time you have uploaded a motivational video and i was kinda waiting for it and finally you upload this video which is just awesome and i enjoy a lot bcoz i see you more like a motivator than just a programming teacher.

  6. Hi Hitesh,

    Thank you for the motivational story. I have been into Android Development since last July with Kotlin being released, but have been lazy to execute on it. I have purchased an Android course on Udemy. I am behind on my assignments on a 2-year community college course I am doing now. This story has inspired me to start that Android course on udemy again and to go all out. I will catch on the assignments and find all the time I can to program for Android. Once this udemy course is complete, I plan to find a side-job and save up money to enroll onto Udacity and achieve the Android Udacity Nanedgree. I'm based in the UK, and aim to give you my story in 1-2 years time of landing my first Android Developer Job.

    Wish you all the best Hitesh!

  7. Your Video always make us confident and also to put our effort in coding. Love your videos. And Hats of to that guy he managed medical with coding. I can't manage my 12 th and coding. No more excuses let's get into this work. Hope sooner it will be my email to you.😌

  8. Sir ,i also have a similar story. I am also a medical student and learning programming on my own. And my version 1 of the website is http://www.sohamsblog.com . I promise that version 2 will be much better. Though the website has only one blog post. I just host it 3days ago. Thank you so much sir for all of your efforts.


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